The Communist takeover is well-underway

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In the Post-communist ear, only one nation stands by the Marxist Ideology: North Korea! Russia has embraced (crony) capitalism and is riding the commodities boom. China has unleashed the forces of Capitalism and transformed its society for the better. Vietnam is begging for investments from Capitalist countries like Japan and USA. Even Cuba has joined the fray by opening its economies. What about the ex-soviet satellite states? The Easter European countries have become part of the EU and the Baltic states give lessons of liberal economics.

But not all news are bad for the forces of collectivism. The revolution is coming to some places. Once of them is Greece. A country brought to its knees by its debt burden is closer than ever to its RED SPRING! Communism needs miserable people to feed upon and nowhere misery is so rampant like Greece. Communists voters are manufactured and brainwashed by the corrupting ideology. Communists do believe in the crap they preach. They really believe in equality, all must be equal in front of poverty, wretchedness and despair.

Some might argue that the communists are also affected by the crisis. On the contrary, they benefit from it and they are ready to reap their fruit of their labors. Communists organization have anything in their power to disrupt all form of reforms. Their protests all extremely well organized have blocked off companies trying to survive, ports operating. Their M.O is pretty simple, to bring down the house they must consort to all possible avenues. Communists can only bloom along the desperate.

Here are 2 examples of what kind of thugs operate in this lawlessness environment. First of all some citizens in a city in Greece decided to start voluntarily offering their medical services to people all of that free of charge. KKE and its “para-military” arm PAME, is against people offering its services for free to other who need them. Why? It is not contribute to the “revolution’s goals”, since people will not see the evils of capitalism if people offer their services for free. Communists which believe in the power of workers, are against people volunteering. Of course it should be. Do you know of any labor camps where people have “volunteered” to work there?

Communists see the world in plain RED(their color) and all other colors. If you are not with them, you must be against them. They take the Bushism(with us or against us) to its longest stretch ever. Even in situations where its members will benefit (desperate people), it tries to obstruct them if it has not been involved with them. Every action that can prove improvements to citizens is counter-revolutionary and must be resisted with the full force of the communist machine.

The second example has to do with blood donation. The communist war machine must be preparing for armed struggle, otherwise their recent press release cannot be deciphered. The thugs have asked for citizens to donate blood for the cause and its members. Beware the blood is not to be used by people who need it, but only by communist, members of the working class. According to its press release is not “going to be given away for profit to aid capitalism”. The reader can be excused if he cannot understand the prior sentence. Once must be indoctrinated to make sense of the communist propaganda. One can also surmise that they know their revolution will have casualties and blood might be needed?

So what is the Communist party implying? First of all there is “class blood”. For example workers’ blood is red, while the evil capitalists have dollars in their veins. The workers’ blood is stored in a special “workers’ blood bank” which is only used for the needs of the proletariat. If one is not member of the proletariat, the blood cannot be used to save that person (journalist, pensioner and everything else). Also the Communists intend to build their own health system. One reason is that some blood might not have high concentration of revolutionary blood platelets. Last but not least people who die from illnesses will aid the revolution!

The ghosts of Stalin are still alive, stuck in the 90s. The only way to globally eradicate communism is to embrace it. Countries which have experience Communism have turned in the end anti-communist. Greece solution is to experience communism first-hand.

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